Media Relations

Get Your Message in the Press

Engage the right journalists with personalized outreach at scale. Meltwater’s media contact database and wire distribution feature help you secure the media coverage your executives want to see.

  • Pitch the Right Media Contacts
  • Distribute Wires
  • Grow Your Relationships
  • Analyze Your Outreach

Are You Pitching to the Right People?

Build your network and your relationship with the press by sending targeted, personalized content that corresponds to their interests, beat, or geography.

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Grow Your Media Relationships

Save Time Building Media Lists

Use our media contact database to find journalists, bloggers, etc., who will help you get your story told.

Discover Relevant Journalists

Find journalists based on their recent articles, beats, outlets, and geography. You can also use our keyword search feature to generate a list of journalists who are actively writing about a topic.

Conduct Media Outreach

Craft email pitches and correspond directly with journalists to establish and maintain relationships — beyond just emailing them when you have news to share.

Manage Journalist Relationships

Maintain a log of all of your team’s interactions with the media with our CRM-style relationship management functionality.

Distribute Wires

Easily Share Press Releases

Share newsworthy announcements with our fully integrated newswire solution to relevant contacts in the media. 

Reach a Global Audience

Share your message with international, national, and regional market newlines with a fully integrated newswire solution.

Translate Press Releases

Utilize our professional translation services to ensure that press releases resonate with international audiences.

Analyze Your Outreach

Measure Earned Media Coverage

Report on the earned media generated by your outreach efforts and measure progress against your own goals and objectives.

Look Beyond Open Rates

Measure who has engaged with the content you have shared, along with how long they spent reading it and whether they clicked on any links.

Drive Brand Awareness

Spread your pitch or news to as wide an audience as you wish, and measure the effectiveness of your release pickup with pre-built and customizable dashboards.

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