About Hemanth Sereddy

I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR’S TOOLBOX. Marketing Expert, Digital Marketing Specialist, Business Analytics.

Accomplished, multilingual Senior Digital Strategist/Marketing Executive focused upon the development and execution of strategic online marketing plans and implementing successful campaigns greatly increasing brand awareness and revenues in highly saturated markets. Effectively utilize competitive analysis, market research and statistical surveys to assess business plans and provide solutions to foster growth and increased productivity. Develops and maintains key client relationships in the B2B field, able to work with executive level clients in an international setting. Project manager and team leadership skills with experience directing large staffs to achieve goals and exceed expectations by delivering on time and under budget.

My focus is on Digital marketing tactics and strategies including (but not limited to):
♦ Advertising(Adwords and Facebook)
♦ Business Analytics
♦ Blogging & Content Marketing
♦ Social Media Marketing
♦ Integrated Digital Marketing
♦ Entrepreneurship


  • Growth Hacker
  • Marketing Expert
  • Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • Business Analytics
  • Marketing


✔ MARKETER & SALES MAN – More of a marketer than a digital marketer. Good at understanding consumer pain points and needs, gap and opportunity in the market, marketing psychology, sales funnels, permission marketing, trust based consultative selling and so on.

✔ DIGITAL TECH SKILLS – Expertise in content marketing, analytics, conversions, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC & Display Ad Campaigns.

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