Social Marketing

Maximize Your Social Reach

Master skill share’s social marketing solutions help you expand and understand your social reach through influencer partnerships and targeted marketing efforts based on rich audience data.

  • Why You Need Social Marketing
  • Utilize UGC
  • Share News in Real-Time
  • Partner with Influencers
  • Gather Audience Insights

Why Do You Need a Social Marketing Solution?

A social marketing solution is essential to help get your message in front of the right people, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and drive sales.

  • 96% of US and UK consumers who followed influencers were engaging with them more or to the same extent as before the coronavirus outbreak. (GlobalWebIndex)
  • 60% of people learn about products and services on Instagram, and 75% take action after seeing a post. (Instagram)
  • 59.8% of marketers agree that authenticity and quality are equally important elements of successful content. (State of UGC 2021 Report)
  • Ads featuring UGC garnered 73% more positive comments on social networks than traditional ads. (Jukin Media, 2018)

How Master Skill Share Can Help You Expand Your Social Reach

Partner With Influencers

Find the Right Collaborators

Use advanced filters to find influencers who are relevant to your audience and the topics they care about. 

Quality Assurance

Ensure influencers match your brand’s needs through a 360-degree view of their following, their true reach, and their engagement metrics.

Manage Campaigns

Create campaign briefs, distribute communications, and manage content approval and contracts all in one place.

Measure ROI

With unique influencer links, portfolio tracking, and full ROI analysis, easily justify the value of your influencer marketing campaigns and share results in exportable reports with stakeholders.

Discover and Promote UGC

Build Trust

Aggregate content from fans and influencers on social media to humanize your brand, engage your online community and showcase your products or services.

Rights Management

Instantly share user’s content across your channels with our marketing integrations. Plus, you can customize usage request messages to creators at scale.

E-Commerce Solutions

Give your audience easy ways to discover and shop the products they find in your content by automatically mapping your products to your content images.

Publish Content Everywhere

Publish user-generated content onto any channel including websites, apps, digital signage, emails, or ads. Track behaviour like clicks, scrolls, and post views.

Gamify Social Interactions

Build and customize unique experiences, such as countdowns, polls, and sweepstakes.

Gather Audience Insights

Understand Your Customers

Understand the communities and commonalities that drive the social media conversations around your brand, your industry, and your competitors.

Define Target Markets

No more guessing who you should market to. Plan a social marketing strategy around key segments and uncover insights to craft messages that convert with confidence.

Improve Your Retargeting 

Uncover adjacent audiences for more intelligent and high-converting ad campaigns.

Build a Community 

Learn how, when, and where your fans already live online. Cultivate your online community, building a loyal following by interacting and sharing relevant content.

Send Newsfeeds & Newsletters

Motivate Your Teams

Celebrate wins through curated feeds highlighting brand mentions on social media and in the news. Repackage news into curated newsletters for important internal stakeholders. 

Keep Teams Informed & Aligned

Make sure your employees are fully up to date on industry trends, competitor news, and company updates. 

Provide Social Proof

Display public-facing feeds with positive reviews, testimonials, and mentions on your website. Build trust and increase conversions for new customers and potential hires!


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