Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Our social listening product lets you monitor, research and analyzes content across the entire social web, with real-time and historical access to over 1.2 trillion social and editorial conversations.

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The world’s largest focus group

Meltwater was one of the first companies to monitor social media, and we have been building upon that expertise ever since. Today, our customers can monitor social content from 15 different social networks, as well as blogs, forums, and review sites, rounded out with online news monitoring that includes the tracking of comments left on news articles.

Conduct research with unlimited searches, and understand what your target audience, and others, have to say about your brand and the topics that matter to you. Instantly analyze your results and share high-level trends with stakeholders with our interactive shareable dashboards.

You can also always access your searches and analyses through our industry-leading mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

Social Listening

Whether it’s your brand, product, or services, you can be sure consumers are talking about you online. Flexible searching allows you to always know how people feel about your organization and industry, so you can proactively create relevant messaging or make changes to your business. Listening to competitive landscapes will help you find new market opportunities and help optimize current and future campaign strategies.

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Interactive Analytics

Clickable visualizations allow for real-time insights into trending themes and data. Drill into popular keywords, sentiment, and spikes in conversations to understand how an audience feels about your brand and competitors. Create and customize dashboards with a click of a button to seamlessly share data across your organization.

Social Media Monitoring Capabilities

  • On-demand historical ad-hoc research
  • Owned and earned analytics in a single view
  • Topic and conversation trends analysis
  • Competitive monitoring and benchmarking
  • Brand, keyword or complex queries comparison
  • Create customized user lists or audience types
  • Consumer segmentation and behaviour analysis
  • Inform content strategy and audience optimization
  • Crisis management, security and compliance
  • Custom unlimited dashboard and report building
  • Export insights via API
  • Market intelligence gathering via Explore
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