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Make a difference with the Master Skill Share Entrepreneurship Program

  • Our Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation will provide you with the tools and techniques to understand entrepreneurship & innovation and lead teams & organisations around the world.
  • You will discover the key concepts around entrepreneurship, from how companies identify and exploit both market and technological opportunities, to how they grow and secure finance.
  • This intellectually stimulating course gives you a thorough understanding of how entrepreneurial companies (both small and large) can be organised to take advantage of multiple sources of innovation to compete in dynamic environments.



As part of this Managed Business program, learning is followed by constant application of concepts in the Business, culminating with the submission of a robust business plan.


We offer you online immersions that exposes you to diverse cultures, political beliefs, traditions and technological innovations, and equips you with the global skills and exposure your business demands.


In a business, decisions are taken within a specific context and reasoning. You will have the opportunity to be mentored by our experienced faculty or your own team members to discuss, understand and apply this rationale.


Through interactions with the faculty, thought leaders and innovators, you can explore how technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are enabling new ideas and business decisions.


The program offers you lifetime access to our distinguished faculty and the opportunity to mentor subsequent batches and participate in campus events.

Introduction to the Course

The course seeks to introduce the concepts of enterprise, innovation, small business and their interrelationships. It aims to provide a guide to the key facts, ideas, theories and thinking about enterprise and innovation, to look at their relationship to small businesses and to consider the methods that are taken to promote and finance them.

The word enterprise is used in a variety of contexts with a wide range of meanings. Within this range there are narrow meanings of the word specifically related to business and there are wider meanings indicating a way of behaviour that can apply in a variety of contexts, including business. The narrower meanings are closely associated to entrepreneurship, and in turn, the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship embrace much that would be considered to be expressions of small business activity.

Management research confirms that innovative firms – those that are able to use innovation to improve their processes or to differentiate their products and services – outperform their competitors, measured in terms of market share, profitability, growth or market capitalisation.

However, the management of innovation is inherently difficult and risky: most new technologies fail to be translated into products and services, and most new products and services are not commercial successes. In short, innovation can enhance competitiveness, but it requires a different set of management knowledge and skills from those of everyday business administration.


What you’ll learn?

  • 1 – Be able to define innovation in the context of the entrepreneurship process.
  • 2 – Apply various tools, techniques and theories within the disciplines of strategy, marketing, finance, policy and operations to contexts of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • 3 – Evaluate the contribution of firm sizes to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation process.
  • 4 – The identification and analysis of the various factors that innovative entrepreneurs face in developing the idea from inception
  • 5 – An evaluation of policy initiatives that have been developed to enhance Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • 6 – Critically evaluate the different theoretical approaches to the disciple
  • 7 – Understand the qualities required to develop Entrepreneurship & Innovation in business.
  • 8 – Critically evaluate the different theoretical approaches to the disciple
  • 9 – Understand the qualities required to develop Entrepreneurship and Innovation in business.

Who will be your Mentor?


Hemanth Kumar Sereddy, Marketing Expert, Business Evangelist, International Business.

Mr. Hemanth is Accomplished, multilingual Senior Business Strategist focused upon the development and execution of strategic Business Launch plans and implementing successful campaigns greatly increasing brand awareness and revenues in highly saturated markets.

Effectively utilize competitive analysis, market research and statistical surveys to assess business plans and provide solutions to foster growth and increased productivity. Develops and maintains key client relationships in the B2B field, Worked with executive level clients in an international setting. Project manager and an amazing team leader with experience directing large staffs to achieve goals and exceed expectations by delivering on time and under budget.

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