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Have you ever wondered and thought for a while thaat “Wish I could get the Education I need at the cheapest costs”. Have you felt that it’s now not the time to pay Millions for your Education and Learning. I have been a victim to this as well. I didn’t want to spend millions for my MBA which I was very passionate about. I literally have to wait four years, do my learning and gain work experience so that I can reach my professional goals.

I must say that during these 8 years of my work life in Marketing and Business Development, I learnt many concepts meeting new people, applying them to various businesses, seeking knowledge from various sources offline, travelling to distant Summits across the world. All these years I realize that I virtually did my Masters in Business Administration by gaining the real life experiences in Business.

I am a real proof that signs off saying “Diplomas and Post Graduation degrees are no longer a validity to Success”. I am now earning a 9 figure Income from different businesses I setup focused on fulfilling the needs of the Entrepreneurs who need that initial and consistent boost to get their start-ups into Profits, Students who want to kick-start their Career, Executives and Associates who want to climb the Corporate Ladder. I am happy, consistent, confident and having a ne hundred per cent work life balance.

One day I received a mail from a graduate who wrote….

“Hello Hemanth,

This is in regards to the sugesstion that you gave 8 months ago.

I am Priya(Name changed), a graduate in Mechanical Engineering actively looking for job for the past three years and I am not able to crack any of the interviews. I met you long ago in regards to this problem and you suggested “Why do you want to settle in Mechanical Engineering just because you graduated in it? You byself said that you want to do something great in business, then your choices should start from taking Business knowledge and I think you start working on your abilities in Business.”

This thought was my opportunity to think something bigger than my graduation. I looked for various courses which will help me startoff my career and I had to go to different places to get all the knowledge. Unfortunately they costed more and I was also forced to take certain modules which are not necessary to me.

Can you kindly suggest if there is any Training process available offline/online where I get to select which course I need without subscribing to the entire Course?”

This gave me a thought on “What if I could create a platform where anyone can learn anything they want or specifically with regards to any Subjects. Let that platform be user friendly, customizable, 100% effective with applicable concepts, Projects to startoff, Real time Learning experience.”

After a deep thinking and discussing with few of my Well-settled Business partners, I created a blue print for the project with all sleepless nights and stressful work to formulate the right procedure to start off.

That’s when I started MASTER SKILL SHARE a.k.a MSS

I started this project to fill the need that every student has in all subjects starting from Data Science to Digital Marketing. All Courses available at highest quality and lowest price committed one hundred per cent to make you Fit for Professional Life.

The Aim is to become the first to launch technological concepts into the markets, educate and create a great Value in Service. In addition to this MSS believes to create employment opportunities to needy graduates to throw light on their path and set their Goals clear which will build the nation eventually to become the best in all Industrial Segmentations.

I along with my team are dedicatedly working to provide services to everyone with utmost serviceability in knowledge, opportunities and Knowledge base.

Servicing the Young today for the Better Tomorrow
Hemanth Sereddy

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